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Writer: Richard Rivera, Artist: Richard Rivera

From the kidnapping of seven-year-old Grace to the terrifying reveal in issue six, this volume collects the first 6 issues of Stabbity Bunny! A supernatural force has been pursuing her family for generations and Grace is now the target of this ancient evil.  Fortunately, an unexpected protector intervenes, her plush bunny, Stabbity, handed down through the family for almost 100 years. Horror and mystery combine! We've combined aspects of the three different business models (comic books, gift cards, and trading cards) to form a hybrid concept/company called Comic Tags. A Comic Tag is a gift card/credit card shaped plastic card that has a unique scratch off code that allows the user to download a PDF copy of the graphic novel pictured on the card. These cards are attached to a mini comic book shaped hangable backers that open and close just like a mini comic book.

Stabbity Bunny Volume 1 Comic Tag

$6.99 Regular Price
$5.59Sale Price
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