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The Obzerian Chronicles Graphic Novel

A collection of Sci-Fi and Horror stories in comic-book format, collected in a graphic novel


My name is Headless Hammerhead and I am excited to present my lifelong dream to you: a collection of horror and sci-fi stories presented in comic book format, written and drawn by me and some of the best undiscovered creators in the industry!

We found an ancient tome at an abandoned castle somewhere in Romania, and we translated the first chapter.  It spans the ages - time and space - maintaining a log of supernatural events in dimensions known and forgotten... now we're presenting it to you in comic book form!

Where "The Obzerian Chronicles" were found

We recently launched a campaign to fund a Limited Ashcan with previews of the six stories, and raised enough funds to be able to create the full thing - a 180 page, 6-story Graphic Novel-style trade paperback: "The Obzerian Chronicles"!

"The Obzerian Chronicles" Limited Preview Ashcan Cover

Your backing helps us to bring this project to life in a way I only dreamed about, and shows us and the big comics publishers that independent creators still have an audience. Plus, it'll help us decide whether to translate and release any future "Chapters" to make this a series! The Stories:

The Legion of Jakar: A group of teens finds out about a mysterious "Traveling Zoo" that has rolled into town, which promises to present "The Hounds of Hell" to spectators. The teens plan to sneak in and catch a glimpse of the creatures, but accidentally trigger what could possibly bring Armageddon to the world. Apotheosis: Humanity is on the verge of unleashing the full potential of quantum teleportation. Inanimate object and animal trials pass with flying colors, but something goes terribly wrong during the first human trial, as the man orchestrating the entire teleportation project finds himself trapped in a strange place beyond time and space. Cthonian: A mist rolls in one night into a quiet New England town. Shortly after, the police are called to investigate a corpse found in the middle of the street. When police arrive at the scene, not only can they not find an apparent cause of death, but they are perplexed by the condition of the corpse: It is still standing. Old Cigar Road: A man is called by his thoughts and dreams to his childhood town in Virginia to find closure for his brother's disappearance - on the way he meets a young man who had a similar childhood, and is the only other person on the bus headed to the small town of Battlefield Post. Both of them want to see Old Cigar Road and a mysterious old woman who holds the secrets of their calling, but what truly lurks at the end of Old Cigar Road may be more than they bargained for and may cost them their souls!

It Walks Among Them: A group of explorers set out to search for the secrets to the construction of Nan Madol, but during the first night, one of them disappears. Stories of a mysterious Dweller, supernatural forces, and powers beyond human comprehension flood into the adventurers' minds as they try to sort out what is real and what is not - before the mysteries of a forgotten civilization consume them all. A Grisly Sight on Christmas Night: A native village in the jungles of Brazil is raided by a neighboring tribe during a ritual while many miles away a family in Texas celebrates the Christmas season with a get-together. However, something unknown links the two groups, and leads to a sinister force being unleashed that will bring terror to their doorstep. Click the link to order the Digital Limited Ashcan Preview! We have the best talent in the world working on this project:

Vasilie Odin Crisan / Innkeeper Vase is an active community member in the world of roleplaying games and horror storytelling, serving as the Innkeeper for the "Twisted Tentacle Inn" YouTube Channel. He is also a personality on the "Great Old Ones Gaming" Podcast, where he discusses gaming trends, strategies, and storytelling within the gaming community.

With over a decade of experience in roleplaying games, Vasilie has written dozens of adventures and horror stories that delve into the realms of cosmic horror. His most recent work, "Horror at Yishusu Landing," spans  350 pages of content for both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Beyond his creative endeavors, Vasilie finds joy in watching movies, reading comics, and cherishing quality time with his wife Lua and their two beloved dogs, Thor and Loki.

Iulia Grosu is a Romanian artist born in 1996. Her childhood was spent drawing and watching The X-men and Spider-man animated series. She went on to study traditional painting in Târgoviște followed by a Master's degree in traditional graphic arts at The National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

In the following years she started dabbling in digital art and forging her own style, while cultivating a growing interest in comics. Some of her favorite artists and influences are Greg Capullo, Jorge Jiménez, and Dave Greco.

This is her debut work into comics, having up until now worked mainly in publicity, designing characters, and animations for commercials.She aspires to draw comics full time, both working on established characters and writing her own comic.

Bogdan Şolcă is a Romanian writer. Fascinated by computers from a young age, Bogdan likes to keep himself up to date with the latest IT&C developments and is a senior tech writer for a respectable online publication. He first discovered comics in the early 1990s, but only got into comic book collecting a few years ago.

His young adult life was heavily influenced by Ender’s Saga by Orson Scott Card and The Matrix trilogy by the Wachowskis. He is also quite enthusiastic about astrophysics and metaphysics, both of which are interwoven into his “Apotheosis” story.

Giovanni V. Crisan / Headless Hammerhead is a Panamanian writer and artist, and is the author of nine books, including "8:51 On the Blinking Clock and Other Stories", "The Obsidian Chronicles", and "Milk, Turkey, and Neurosis: Or, How Mother (Almost) Ruined My Life" under the pen name Grace Ann Feldman.

He is an avid comic book collector and reader, and loves music and art of all types - and deeply enjoys trying new styles and techniques in the art world. He is currently working on short graphic stories "Murderous Mary: The Hanging of a Giant" and "Hairycane".

Giovanni lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA with his wife Colleen, two children (Nathan and Kaylee), and their dog, Penny Petunia.

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